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Miele Washing Power

High quality washing machine for fast washing

An appointment for free installation within 3 workdays. We take your old appliance with us.

WebApp with insights about your usage & personal tips

Best service: we take care of maintenance and repairs

Smart choice: The highest quality appliances without investments

Deposit: € 89,- (which you get back at the end of your contract)

Customers rate us a 9 out of 10!

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Ideally for less than 15 cycles p. m.

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Key advantages Miele Power

8kg capacity, suitable for households who use their washing machine often
PowerWash 2.0: Full program within 59 minutes
Less ironing due to 'Thermo-SoftCare-drum' and pre-ironing function
Low energy- and water usage due to capacity recognition
Quiet (72 dB) and economical in usage (A+++) due to strong ProfiEco-motor
15 different laundry programs for all different types of clothes and stains
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Wouter Buijze // Co-founder Bundles
These are questions people ask me often
When and where is my appliance going to be delivered?

You get a phone call within 3 workdays to make a delivery appointment. Your appliance is installed for free within 5 workdays.

Do you take my old device with you?

Yes, we do that for free! Our installers connect your new appliance to the water supply and the drain. We also take your old device with us.

What does the subscription include?

With our subscription, you can use a very economical and powerful Miele appliance. We are available everyday between 08:00 and 22:00 for any questions or problems. The subscription also includes free maintenance and repairs. Moreover, we provide you with insights and tips about your usage via the Bundles Webapp. The subscription does not include detergent, though, you can get a subscription for detergent as well.

How flexible is my subscription?

We do not believe in long term contracts, we believe in satisfied customers. Therefore, you can cancel or switch your subscription monthly. Though, if you cancel within 5 years, we do charge a moving fee (€89) for picking up and refurbishing the appliance. This will be settled with the deposit (€89) which you pay when you start using our service. You can also transfer the subscription to a new subscriber.

Het Bundles concept
Het nieuwe wassen uitgelegd in 2 minuten
Haastige spoed..
Met deze slimme technologie kun je verantwoord kiezen voor een gemakkelijke en snelle oplossing
Power met Powerwash 2.0
Een volledige was doen in slechts 59 minuten of losse kledingstukken zuinig en snel wassen (SingleWash).
De beste service
Ga voor een combinatiedeal met een Miele wasmachine en wasdroger. Bespaar 2 euro per maand!
De beste service innovatieve TwinDos systeem
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461 reviews
Total judgment 9.0
Quality device 9.2
Service 8.9
Durability 8.9
Martin / 22-05-2022 Koffie

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InfoSpeciale Thermo-SoftCare-trommel
Minder strijkwerk en je kleding blijft mooi
InfoAutomatische beladingsherkenning
Laag energie- en waterverbruik
InfoSterke ProfiEco-motor
Zeer stil en zuinig in gebruik
Info16 verschillende wasprogramma's
Voor elk soort was een speciaal programma
InfoSpeciale vlekkenfunctie
Een oplossing voor 23 verschillende soorten vlekken
InfoVoorprogrammering en resttijdaanduiding
Zelf instellen wanneer je je wasmachine wilt laten starten


8 kg
1600 tpm
InfoGeluidsniveau wassen
48 dB