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Miele Detached Dishwasher

Flexible: suitable for every location

Pay per use
Info €15.95

per month
0,40 per cycle

Temporarily unavailable

Integrated Dishwasher

Fits perfectly in you convenient kitchen

Pay per use
Info €18.95

per month
0,40 per cycle

Wouter Buijze // Co-founder Bundles

These are questions people ask me often

When is my appliance going to be delivered?

You get a phone call within 3 workdays to make a delivery appointment. Your appliance is installed for free within 5 workdays.

Do you take my old device with you?

Yes, we do that for free! Our installers connect your new appliance to the water supply and the drain. We also take your old device with us.

What does the subscription include?

With our subscription, you can use a very economical and powerful Miele appliance. We are available everyday between 08:00 and 22:00 for any questions or problems. The subscription also includes free maintenance and repairs. Moreover, we provide you with insights and tips about your usage via the Bundles Webapp.

How flexible is my subscription?

We do not believe in long term contracts, we believe in satisfied customers. Therefore, you can cancel or switch your subscription monthly. Though, if you cancel within 5 years, we do charge a moving fee (€89) for picking up and refurbishing the appliance. This will be settled with the deposit (€89) which you pay when you start using our service. You can also transfer the subscription to a new subscriber.

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What our subscribers think of Bundles

381 reviews
Total judgment 9.0
Quality device 9.2
Service 8.9
Durability 8.9
Adrie / 20-09-2020 Koffie

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aike haneman / 07-09-2020 Koffie

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