How it works


Choose the subscription that fits you

We keep it simple. All appliances are high-quality. You choose what you need or want: a jonger or older appliance and less or more comfort and ease of use.

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Delivery and installation

Within 3 days after your order we contact you to plan a free delivery. Our delivery partners bring and install the appliances.

Any old appliances? If preferred, we take them with us.


Pay monthly

In order to confirm your order, you pay the first month ahead. After, you receive a monthly invoice with an overview of your usage costs.


Enjoy service

Maintenance and repairs? That’s all included. No hassle for you. You receive tips regarding more efficient use and we are happy to answer any questions.

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Cancelation? No problem!

We believe in our services and we don’t believe in long-term obligatory contracts. Therefore, you can end your contract any time.
We execute a full performance check in order to replace the appliance at a new customer.
If you cancel after you have been a customer for five years, we will return your deposit.