Frequently Asked Questions

About Bundles

Bundles provides the best user experience in a sustainable subscription for washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers. Enjoy quality and service at a fair price.

You receive quality, a sustainable Miele washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher without having to buy it. That saves you an investment of EUR 1,500.

Since you don’t become the owner of the appliances, you remain flexible. If you don’t need it, you are free to cancel your subscription at any moment.

Most importantly, you receive the Bundles service from the moment you confirm your order till the moment we pick the appliance up. This includes friendly installers, but also free repairs and maintenance. No hassle but clean laundry.

A Bundles subscription is comparable to a renting model. You pay per month for usage. However, there are a few important differences:

  1. Our subscriptions are much cheaper than renting because we only use the best appliance and make sure they last.
  2. In contrast to most laundry rental providers, a Bundles subscription can be cancelled at any moment. We execute a performance check in order to replace the appliance at a new customer. You only pay a rehousing fee of EUR 125,- (for built-in dishwasher EUR 150,-).
  3. Our service is more that the appliance. You can easily and profitable order detergent, energy and dishwasher tablets and we provide personal tips in order to clean better and in a more efficient way.

You can always send a mail to, call to 085 40 11 908 or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter. Take a look at our contact page or use the contact form.

Online appliances

We connect the washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher to the internet by using a ‘smart plug’, the Buddy Plug. This tool measures the energy use and communicates this information wireless with the Buddy Bridge that we connect with your internet router. Through the internet we send the energy use to the Bundles platform.

We don’t use your WiFi network, which means that there will be no connection problems or speed issues.

We analyze the energy use. Our smart algorithms learn about the appliances and recognize opportunities to lower consumption and use the appliance more efficient, for example by choosing for different temperature settings. If you are interested, we provide personalized tips based on your usage data.

Besides user feedback, we use the data to optimize maintenance. We are able to see if the appliance functions correctly, which enables us to react proactively to prevent any issues. No unnecessary costs and hassle with installers.

We use the information to know how our appliances are used. If you end your contract we know if we need to do some repairs before we can replace it at a new customer. Lastly, the manufacturer uses our information in the product design process to increase performance.

Absolutely, we only measure energy use, that’s all. This information will be protected and not be shared with third parties.


We are convinced that we provide a high-quality service and that we are able to make our customers happy. We also understand that it might be possible that you don’t need the appliances after you moved in with your partner our plan to move to a foreign country. That’s why you can cancel your subscription at any moment. Keep the replacement fee in mind though! EUR 125,- (for built-in dishwasher EUR 150,-)

You are always able to buy the appliances if you prefer to become owner. However, we are motivated to show you that a subscription is more valuable that the ownership of a washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher. If you decide to buy the appliance, you can always ask us for the remaining value at the moment.

We always have a subscription that suits you. With a washing machine and dryer you can choose between a standard or a more luxurious model. The more luxurious models have higher fixed monthly costs.

The variable part of the subscription is a usage fee based on the stack rate.

  • €1 to 5 wash/dry/dishwash cycles
  • €0.50 6-15 wash/dry/dishwash cycles
  • €0.25 15 – 25 wash/dry/dishwash cycles
  • €0.15 more than 25 wash/dry/dishwash cycles


Calculation example laundry subscription:
You have a laundry subscription and you have washed 15 times this month.

The fixed monthly amount is EUR 11.95. The usage fee is €5 for the first 5 washes (€1 * 5 washes) and for washes 6-15 €5 (€0.50 * 10 washes)

The total subscription costs are EUR 21.95

By clicking on the (i) behind the Stacked Tariff indication on the productpage you get a popup to calculate your total monthly cost.

We provide a credit check and have the right to exclude you in case of a bad credit score.

Nothing! You don’t have long obligations. You can cancel every month. 

Quality, service and sustainability

You can always contact us with any issues or questions. We contact you within 24 hours to answer your questions or plan an appointment to solve any issues.

Bundles will reimburse the repair unless it turns out to be a defect due to external causes or improper use.

Miele makes the best washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers and works together with us to achieve a circular system. That is visible in the sustainable design and the use of high quality materials that can be reused.

By smart settings and features the appliances use less energy, water and detergent.

We stimulate the use of high quality appliances instead of throw-away appliances which are made of sustainable materials, are efficient in usage and can be reused.

We connect the appliances to the internet in order to offer personalized tips to use the appliances more efficient. Due to smart usages and maintenance we increase the lifetime of the appliances.

We make sure that the appliances are used. We replace it after a cancellation, repair it if necessary and reuse the materials in the appliance when it cannot be repaired.


Bundles offers washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers in a subscription. You can choose between a standard model and a model with more features for the washing machine. We offer an integrated (built-in) and a stand alone dishwasher.

We have the ambition to offer more appliances in sustainable subscriptions. Any thoughts or tips? Send us a mail!

Absolutely! You can used every detergent that you want. You could add liquid detergent in the automatic dosing system or add it manually as you are used to do.

De appliances consume relatively little energy, detergent and water. That’s realized through the smart settings and an energy efficient motor. The appliances have the highest energy label (A).

We reduce waste in a number of ways:

  • We make the best quality accessible to everyone. High-quality appliances last longer than ‘throw-away appliances’. Therefore, we prevent the disposal of many low quality appliances.
  • Since we connect the appliances to the internet both we and our customers learn how to use and maintain the appliances so that we can guarantee performance and prevent damage.
  • We take care of repairs. If an appliance can’t be repaired we return it to Miele. The components and materials will be used to manufacture new appliance. This system results in a closed circle.
  • By collecting information about the performance and usage of the appliances we can contribute to research and development aiming to manufacture even better appliances that last longer.
  • The appliances consume relatively little energy, water and detergent. Moreover, we provide personalized feedback to stimulate more efficient usage in order to prevent waste.
  • We like to help you with energy and detergent shopping. Also for these consumables is it of great importance to make a sustainable choice to reduce waste.

Delivery and installation

Yes, delivery and installation is free.

Within three days we let our installers plan your free delivery. Depending on your availability, you will receive it approximately 2 to 3 working days later. So take into account about a week in total.

Yes, that’s no problem and free.


If you confirm your order you pay the deposit and the fixed fee for the first month. You can use Ideal or you can transfer the invoice amount yourself. If you wish, you can confirm an automatic money transfer during delivery of the appliances. You are also free to transfer the monthly payment manually.

You pay a deposit of EUR 75,-. The deposit is a small guarantee that we need to reduce our payment risk. Hope you understand!

Delivering or collecting a device is very expensive for us. We have chosen not to charge transport costs for delivery or to offer strict contracts where you have to buy out the contract if you want to get rid of it.

We do charge a relocation fee for collection so that we can continue to offer the subscription price competitively.

The relocation allowance is EUR 125 for a washing machine, dryer or freestanding dishwasher and EUR 150 for a built-in dishwasher.